Avhan Season 2013


'Avhan' Season-2013

Avhan- season 2013 kicked off with a trek to Raireshwar, in BhorTaluk in Pune district. The place of a historic importance where ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj took the oath of HindaviSwarajya at the age of 16 in 1645 and then created history. On28th July 2013, 41 young members of the Avhan group started from Pune at 7.00amalongwithSmt. Ushatai Page, Founder Giripremi, UmeshZirpe, Prasad Joshi, Ashish Mane, Abhijeet Belhekar, Vishal Kaduskar, AkshayPatke, Mahesh Kalbhor, AtulMurmure, NileshAvhare, Narendra Joshi and ShripadGokhale, towards their first outdoor activity in Avhan 2013.


Raireshwar fort in the mist of the monsoon.

It was a very pleasant morning with rains all over. The green foliage was welcoming the children to the new world of experiences and learning. The enchanted young minds were excited towards their journey to explore the outdoor world with the help of the open book of the nature.

Around 8.00am they all reached Nageshwartemple inAmbawadevillage. There is one hangingBridge Called "ZultaPul" on the river named Panchagangaconstructedby Raja Raghunathraoof BhorSansthan. All stopped at Ambawade and crossed the hanging bridge to reach another surprise:a temple surrounded with forest namedNageshwar. Ushatai briefed the children about the history of the place: "The place is built by PanchPandavas& their Godfather PitamahaBhishma. Near the temple another five rivers rise called Pancharushikanyas."


Pancharushikanyas near Nageshwar temple

After the visit to the temple they all continued to the base of Raireshwar fort, Korle village, where they reached at 8.45am. Children had breakfast and in group of 6 each they started their trek to Raireshwar at 9.15am. Enjoying the beauty of the nature all reached the top of the fort at 12.30pm.EnrouteUshatai was continuously explaining the children about the local flora and fauna.

After a workout of almost three hours everyone was hungry and they had lunch in a house on the fort. After the lunch Abhijeet Belhekar briefed the children about the oath of HindaviSwaraj: "At the cave temple of RaireshwarShivajiMaharajand his select band of teenaged Maratha friends slit their thumbs and poured the blood oozing from it on the Shiva-linga. By this act they declared a blood-feud against Mughal tyranny."


Abhijeet Belhekar briefed the children

After roaming around the fort and visiting different places out there the team started descending the fort at 4.00pm. On the way back the children had great fun in the waterfalls.


Children having great time in the waterfalls on the way down

It was late evening when they started their journey back home. Overwhelmed by the entire experience of the day everybody was eager to know about the next outdoor activity of Avhan-2013.

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