Daring Giripremians summit Dukes Nose climb

This year in the month of June-July, Giripremi Mountaineering Club has planned a Himalayan expedition to a technically difficult mountain in Himachal Pradesh. With this aim, Giripremi ans have been practising regularly and as a part of technical climbing practice, these mountaineers hadplanned a rock climbing expedition to an almost 90 degree, 800 feet tall ‘Dukes Nose’, one of the toughest climbs in Maharashtra.

The north face of this cliff is almost vertical and some patches have inclination even more than 90 degrees. This was a great opportunity for the new members of Giripremi to try their skills and gain confidence in the most difficult and daring situations.

The plan was to start climbing at 8:30 AM. Aniket Kulkarni and Dr.Sumit Mandale, Sanket Dhotre and Pawan Hadole Climbed the face in pairs by fixing the rope. Some of the challenges these mountaineers faced during the climb were 800 feet vertical cliff, rapid winds and some patches with more than 90 degree angle to climb. But Giripremians knew no fear. They braved all the obstacles and by afternoon all reached the top with happy faces and confident minds.

Dinesh Kotkar, Naren Patil, Sandesh Gunjavate, Ranjit Shinde, Bhushan Shet, Akshay Patke and Vivek Shivade supported the climbing team. Everester Krishna Dhokale ensured smooth management at the basecamp. One more thrilling aspect of this expedition was the video shooting of entire expedition. Everesters Bhushan Harshe, Anand Mali, Ganesh More, Prasad Joshi and Ashish Mane played a crucial role in shooting the expedition by rappelling down from top. The film would soon be made available to those who are interested.

Under the guidance of Everest Expedition Leader Umesh Zirpe, the expedition was successfully finished.

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Mountaineering is an extreme sport. It's play grounds are far from the civilization. It demands high quality equipment for safety and survival. It's probably the sport which has longest time frame. Generally, an expedition continues for several days and sometime months. All these factors impose a burden off high costs on this sport.

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