Extend your support in Uttarakhand Rehabilitation

Dear all,

"Devbhoomi" – Uttarakhand has always been a paradise for pilgrims since ages. People have always visited this sacred land to purify their souls and spend some time of their lives with nature. Today this paradise has been completely ruined and devastated because of the Cloudburst and Flash Floods happened on 16th June 2013. More than 50 villages have flown with the rivers, roads are vanished, connectivity to all the remote villages is broken, there is no electricity, no shelter, no food, more than 50000 people are claimed to be died.

Under such circumstances, local people are still fighting for life. There are many individuals and NGO who are helping these people to stand up against all odds. Giripremi and Swaroopseva are also involved in rescue and rehabilitation work for Uttarakhand. We request you to help us in any of the following ways.

- You can donate any amount of Rice, Suger, Pulses in multiples/packets of 5 kg.

- You can donate Rs. 1500/- for a Metal sheet used for a shelter.

- You can donate in cash

You can submit your donations to Giripremi office during 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

(You shall get the receipt for cash donations)

Let's bring the smile back on the faces of Uttarakhand.

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