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Guardian Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering

Pune’s pioneering Giripremi mountaineering club, with the support of Guardian Corp. launched Guardian Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering on 24th Jan 2015.

Inception of GGIM

Giripremi in 2012 planned a biggest civilian expedition to Mt. Everest. Sole motive behind this expedition was to promote the sport of mountaineering and make the society aware of the necessity of adventure in our lives. After the success of expedition, we realized that so many people wanted to do adventure in their life. Many parents wanted their children to go for treks. Some schools too were willing to plan outdoor trips for their students. However, there wasn’t a system which would take this responsibility at the same time ensure safety and reliability. For over 30 years people of Maharashtra had trusted Giripremi and its intents. We had the skills, experience, and passionate mountaineers who wanted to dedicate their lives for this cause. People’s faith in Giripremi and the dedication shown by my team, gave birth to GGIM.

Adventure Education : A necessity 

We bring up children in a protected way and when they grow up, we suddenly expect them to take bigger leaps, bold decisions. How is that possible? For a person to deal with challenges of real life, he/she must be first taught to face them. In that training, they will develop a thinking process to battle out the tough times. In a subtle way it transforms individuals into aware, responsible, and confident citizens.


GGIM Climbing Gym embarks in Sept 2020

GGIM Climbing Gym embarks at SMJV Hostel A bouldering facility…
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