Girimitra Lifetime Achievement Award for Ushatai

Over the years, a number of mountaineers and mountaineering clubs across Maharashtra have been awarded at the prestigious Girimitra Sammelan for their significant contribution to the 'mother of all adventure sports'. And a rightful recipient for this year's Girimitra Lifetime Achievement Award was Smt. Ushaprabha Page.

Giripremi has been consistently involved in promoting mountaineering and encouraging budding mountaineers for over 30 years now. This year again, one of our founder members, Ushatai was awarded the 'Girimitra Lifetime Achievement Award' in Mountaineering at the 13th Girimitra Sammelan held at Maharashtra Seva Sangha, Mulund, on the 12th and 13th of July 2014.

Ushatai has been a member of Giripremi since its inception in 1982. However, her journey in this field began much earlier, in 1963. Being one of the veterans in a typically male-dominant sport, her efforts to promote the sport with the right spirit have been relentless and noteworthy. She has been a part of numerous technical and challenging expeditions in both the Himalaya and the Sahyadri Ranges as a part of Giripremi and has produced valuable literature based on her expertise in the field.

An important name in the field of mountaineering, she continues to be an avid mountaineer and active environmentalist. Even today, she is a motivation and pillar of support for numerous expeditions and projects conducted under Giripremi. It comes as no surprise that her persistent efforts and contribution were recognised and rewarded through the Girimitra Lifetime Achievement Award in this meet.

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Mountaineering is an extreme sport. It's play grounds are far from the civilization. It demands high quality equipment for safety and survival. It's probably the sport which has longest time frame. Generally, an expedition continues for several days and sometime months. All these factors impose a burden off high costs on this sport.

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