Giripremi Team Unfurls Indian Tricolor at Mt. Hanuman Tibba

On 15th of this month three young mountaineers of GIRIPREMI reached to the top of the Mt. Hanuman Tibba ( Ht. 19,753 Ft.). This tough peak is situated in Pirpanjal range of Himalaya near Manali.

The team was consisting of two Everesters Ashish Mane and krushna Dhokale and along with Paresh Naik and Naren Patil.

Base camp was established at Biyas Kund ( 15,500 ft.) from where river Biyas originates. Reaching Tentu Pass before Camp 1 by overcoming the vertical notch was crux of the climb. The climbers had to do rock climbing at High altitude at the same time they had to safeguard themselves from constant rock fall from above. They had to fix rope of about 800 ft. in this patch of climbing. After establishing camp 1 they put camp 2 as a summit camp. Above camp 2 the climbers opened a route on an Ice Wall by fixing 900 ft safety rope and hammering Ice Pitons on the wall to reach to the summit.

On 15 th September at 10 am Ashish Mane, krushna Dhokale and Paresh Naik reached the top of Mt.Hanuman Tibba making the expedition successful. They were assisted by local mountain guides Balkrushna Thakur and Devraj Thakur

Expedition to Mt. Hanuman Tibba was the third after Mt. Indrasan and Peak Nalini that was organized by GIPRPREMI in 2015. The team sought valuable guidance from experienced mountaineer of GIRIPREMI Mr. Umesh Zirpe and Mr. Khemraj Thakur of Mountain Expeditions - Manali

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Mountaineering is an extreme sport. It's play grounds are far from the civilization. It demands high quality equipment for safety and survival. It's probably the sport which has longest time frame. Generally, an expedition continues for several days and sometime months. All these factors impose a burden off high costs on this sport.

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