Giripremi team scales unclimbed peak in Pirpanjal Himalayas

A team of young aspiring mountaineers started a new chapter in the history of Giripremi’s mountaineering tradition, as they successfully scaled an unclimbed peak in the Pirpanjal range of the Himalayas. On 28th June 2015, at 9.40am it was a ‘dream comes true’ moment for Bhushan Shet, Kiran Salastekar, Aniket Kulkarni, Sanket Dhotre, Pavan Hadole, , Dinesh Kotkar as they reached to the twin summits (5175M and 5266M) of the peak under the leadership of Everester Anand Mali, who also reached to the top of the mountain. Giripremi, one of the pioneer mountaineering clubs in India, is committed to promote mountaineering sport in the youth of our nation. As a part of this effort, the club always provides opportunities for the young mountaineers through various programs. The success of this expedition iterates the success of vision of Giripremi.

The team of seven climbing members and two mountain guides started from summit camp which was located at Hampta pass (3200M) at early morning (3.00am) on 28th June. After climbing of 1000 ft. they reached the base of a couloir. After climbing the steep slopes (60 degree to 70 degree) of 700ft. in the couloir they reached a crevasse field. The top of this peak consists of three summits. The team reached to the first summit (5175M) at 8.00am in the morning. After crossing a sharp ridge of 200feet the team started climbing the main summit. The climb was very treacherous since there was around 2 feet deep fresh snow. After crossing this difficult patch the team reached the main summit (5266M) at 9.40am. It was a magnificent weather on the top and the team could locate various peaks in the surrounding region including Mt. Indrasan, Mt. MANALI, Mt. LADAKI, Mt. DEVTIBBA, Mt. SHITIDHAR, Mt. MAKARBEH, Mt. SHIKHARBEH, and the CHANDRBHAGA RANGE. After performing puja on the summit the team descended safely to the summit camp at 1.30pm.

Summiters: Anand Mali - Leader & summiter, Bhushan Shet, Kiran Salastekar, Aniket Kulkarni, Sanket Dhotre, Pavan Hadole, Dinesh Kotkar, and Mountain guide Mr. Gangaram, and Mr. Chamanlal. As Giripremi is the first team to climb this unnamed peak they propose to name this peak as Mt. Nalini. Also, another team of Giripremi is attempting Mt. Indrasan in the same region. The team has already established camp2 and they are waiting for the clear weather for the summit attempt.

SummitCamp Climbing the coloir CrevasseFieldSummit1trecherous ridgeTeam on the SummitSummitTeam

20 thoughts on “Giripremi team scales unclimbed peak in Pirpanjal Himalayas

  1. This is great news! another feather in the cap for Vidya Valley and Mrs Sengupta. It is an indeed an honor.
    Hats off to the climbers and Anand Mali

  2. Great job by your team Anand Sir!
    Appreciate your choice of name as Nalini Peak. The peak truely deserves the name of such a great personality!

  3. Great Achievement and Nalini Madam is etched permanently in history… how many people get such an honour!

  4. Awesome achievement Anand and team….great to know the peak is being named after Mrs Sengupta…proud of being associated with the school!

  5. Congratulations to one and all at Giripremi. The name of the peak is apt. The lady after which this peak is named is taller by the virtue of the work she does.

  6. Wow..!!! first of all congratulations to team Giripremi and Anand sir.
    This was great feat achieved and makes us proud.

    “Peak Nalini”, thats perfect..! She truly inspires us and leads us to high scales.

  7. Kudos to the team for this wonderful achievement.
    And truly naming the peak after Nalini Sengupta is totally appropriate as most of us are inspired by her literaly look up to her!

  8. Congratulations to Anand sir and the team!!
    Wow…what an achievement!
    Thanks for naming the peak after Nalini madam; shows how much you love and respect her! Just like we all do!

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