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The summit of Mt. Sudarshan in 2002 was a historical moment for Giripremi. Giripremi  became the first Indian civilian institution to summit using the south-west ridge on 7 June 2002.

  • Mt. Sudarshan also known as Sudarshan Parbat is located in the Garhwal range of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, India .
  • It stands at a height of 6529 m.
  • This mountain is the 87th highest located entirely within the state of Uttarakhand.
  • It was first attempted by an Indo-French expedition, led by Harish Kapadia on 30 May 1981 by climbing the east ridge.
  • Mt. Sudarshan is surrounded by many 6000er peaks such as – Chaturbhuj (6654 m), Shyamvarn (6,135 m), Yogeshwar (6678 m), Kalidhang (6373 m), Manda 1 (6511m)
  • Sudarshan Parbat has Swetvarn Bamak on its Eastern side, Thelu bamak on its Southern side. 
  • Both these Glaciers are tributaries of the Raktvarn Bamak which drains itself at the Gangotri Glacier. 
  • The river Bhagirathi emerges from this glacier which is one of the main tributaries of the river Ganga.

Leader –Shreepad Sakpal

Team Members – Santosh Bhumkar, Sachin Naidu, Avinash Kandekar and Yashdeep Malvade, Shreepad Sakpal

Expedition Status


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Altitude Reached

8586 m

Date of Summit

15 May 2019

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Number of Days

56 Days

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