Ushaprabha Page


Rock climbing ventures
Lingana, Karnala pinnacals,- first woman to climb.
Bhairav-gad wall, Gadadacha bahiri-may be first woman to access the climb.
Rock climbing camp on Mumbra rocks.
Training in mountaineering
Completed Basic and Advance Mountaineering courses at Manali and Uttarkashi.
Selected for Advance Mountaincraft training camp in western Himalaya by IMF, New Delhi.
Expeditions in Himalaya
Mt. Hanuman – sub peak of Dunagiri. Height 19900 feet. Summited in 1974. This was first ladies expedition of Ladies mountaineering club, Mumbai under the leadership of Lalita Patil.
Mt. Devtibba, Manali. Summited in 1975. Expedition was organised by Ladies mountaineering club, Mumbai.
Mt. Mulkila 4 – in Lahul spiti. Height above 20000 feet, in 1976
Mt. Mulkila 5 – in Lahul-spiti. Height 19600 feet. Summited in 1978. This was first Ladies expdition from Pune under Ushaprabha Page leadership.
Mt. Kulupumori – in H.P. Height above 20000 feet. Summited in 1979. Expedition was organised by Pune Mountaineers.
Mt. Leo-Pargial – in H.P. Height 22280 feet. Not successful in 1981.
Mt. Leo-Pargial – in H.P. Height 22280 feet. Summited in 1982 under Ushaprabha Page leadership.
Mt. Gangotri 1- in Gadhaval U.K. Height 21000 feet. Summited in 1982.
Mt. Rudugaira – in Gadhaval, UK. Height 19000 feet. Summited in 1982.
Mt. Mana – Kumau region. Height 22000 feet. Not successful in 1983.
Mt. Deoban – in Kumau region. Height 20000 feet,. Expdition was abandoned due to the storm at base camp in 1986.
Mt. Golap Kangri – in Ladakh – Height 19000 feet. 1990.
Mt. Hanuman-tibba 2012 – Support team member – in Manali.
Other activities
Arranged a Search & Rescue Expdition to the Base Camp of Mt. Satopanth in himalayas to locate bodies of the climbers on the expedition who died in avalanche. Team found the bodies and arranged a proper burial. One of the climbers Nandu Page was husband of Ushaprabha Page. In Sept 1986.

Have done many treks in Sahyadries since last 45 years, also have done botany excursions in the western ghat.

High altitude treks and botany excursion in Himalayas on more than 20 treks. Some note worthy treks as below.
Adi-kailash-circular trek
Everest base camp
Annapurna around and base camp

Have done Narmada Parikrama on foot for 5 months during 2005-6.
Have translated a book on mountaineering in marathi Touching the void.
Have written many articles on this activity -one serial of article ‘Ekande Shiledar’ on solo climbers and a serial on sahyadri trekking spots ‘Pashan Maya’.
Having worked with Broadcast media (All India Radio) for more than 37 years and last 17 years of service in a capacity of station Directer and given full justice in covering adventure sports and nature conservation efforts along with nurturing Music, art, culture and rich heritage of Maharashtra.